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[Event] Multi-Forum Easter Egg Event

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Posted on 4/14/14 11:59:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Event Description:
A few of the forum moderators from different games have come together to host this Multi-Forum Easter Egg Event.  We have placed eggs representing each forum all around, simply find the one which represents your forum and win prizes.

Event Duration:                                                                                                    
April 15th - April 21st

How To Participate:
1) Search the forums listed below in search of the Egg representing your forum.
*This Egg is shown on the event page in your forum.   

2) Pm your forum moderator with the link to the page where the Egg is located.
*To capture the page link click (upper left, under title) on copy link and paste into your pm.

THPD Forum - Hosted by FirstLady2013

Mailbox:  http://us.forum.igg.com/?56868

*Do Not Post Link In Event Thread*  Use this link to:

3) Post your personal information and the name of your forum in the Main Event Page.
*This is your IGG ID#, FBID, Character Name, IGN Server, needed to collect rewards.  Some forums only have IGG ID#, some have more, post whatever you normally post to collect prizes from events.

Your search will be limited to the 1st two pages of any thread in the participating forums.  That means that the Egg can be hidden in any thread under any tab ( Events, Announcements, General Discussions, etc...) of the participating forums.  If you have any questions please pm your forum moderator or myself, do not post in event thread or you will be disqualified.

Clue: Egg is placed in the largest Vehicle and is surround by pictures.



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