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[Event] Winners: Prevent Hacking & Win 100M Chips II

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Source: http://poker.browsergame.com/event/

        Event Period: Jan 16 - Jan 23

        Event Details:

        By reading through this post fully, you will enter the chance to be one of three daily winners to take away 100 Million Chips. Lucky winners will be picked at random daily, and a winner’s list will be posted at the end of each day. Rewards will be delivered within 24 hours from posting.

        New Fake Links: (Updated)



        Please note some typical phishing techniques used for hacking:

        1.      A fraudulent App is created on Facebook with a link that requires you to enter account information and password for verification purposes in order to claim a big reward that does not exist. Once your account information is submitted, your account will be hacked.

        2.      An account is created on Facebook imposing as an IGG Representative and a private message is sent to you to inform you of a malicious account activity. A link will be provided and you are urged to fill out account information and change account password. Once your account information is submitted, the hacker will proceed to compromise your account.

        3.      You are added on Facebook and you are informed of a reward and a link to claim it. Once the link is clicked and your account information is submitted, your account will be hacked.

        4.      You are added on Facebook by a potential person of interest (usually imposing as an attractive individual of the opposite sex) and a request for your account information is made to try out a game you are playing. Once your account information is provided, your account will be hacked.

        5.      A prize link is provided as a comment to an event on our Fanpage on Facebook urging you to claim your reward. This is 100% fraudulent as our rewards are delivered automatically to our event winners.

        What you can do to help:

        1.      Always verify the authenticity of links provided to you. IGG official website link is http://poker.igg.com/event, and the HD Version link is http://poker.igg.com

        2.      Remember that IGG never request account information from users.

        3.      Not to give out account information. If you won in any of our events, the prize chips will automatically be added to your account.

        4.      After linking a suspicious link or entering a suspicious website, do not provide any account information. When in doubt, visit our official site or Facebook and change your account password right away.

        We have to join hands in our effort to fight hacking. We would like to expose these common techniques and bring awareness of these malicious acts to you. If you are unsure about the authenticity of any information at any time, you are welcome to contact our customer service or submit your issue to us via email, and allow us to verify the content for you. If your lead is proven useful, we will reward you for your effort.

                                The Lucky Players:
                                IGGID: 2105***4
                                IGGID: 3521***0
                                IGGID: 3188***6
                                IGGID: 1724***1
                                IGGID: 2510***8
                                IGGID: 1084***7
                                IGGID: 1212***7
                                IGGID: 8358***5
                                IGGID: 1143***8
                                IGGID: 3479***3
                                IGGID: 4887***6
                                IGGID: 5517***3
                                IGGID: 7971***4
                                IGGID: 4802***0
                                IGGID: 5953***9
                                IGGID: 6762***8
                                IGGID: 4647***4
                                IGGID: 7674***3
                                IGGID: 8016***5
                                IGGID: 9690***0
                                IGGID: 2246***5

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