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[Discussion] poker deluxe going to the donks

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I've been playing on here for a few years.  This game is getting more out of control everyday.  The ppl answering our posts seem to dismiss the bots but who cares. Quite a bit of poker deluxe has become not so much poker and more all in preflop bingo that even seeng the river is rare.  Anybody that is a LEVEL 45 AND ALREADY LOST 51 BILLION OR EVEN 1 BILLION AT THOSE LOWER LEVELS IS OBVIOUSLY SCREWING UP SOMEWHERE. But anyway....the fold and bounce really created some mutant adrenaline donkeys..but for the old timers that want to see the turn or even a river card..will you PLEASE atleast the bounce part. You cant even get away from them by folding unless u leave table or wait for the clock runners to fold.  And please consider 25 abd 50 million sitngos. Thank you

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I have to agree with you nottadonk. I have reported several times (with Screenshots) on players whom sit and cheat for Honor.  Do the math people 10pts per hand (won) 52 honor pts but no gain in chips, if theses top 10 players were that good why are they sitting on 1-2 blinds? Most bingo players are using fold and bounce to gain honor. All-in... you fold they win... but I have to say thats better than 1 player folding for the other to gain pts. on purpose. Bots they are in denial on that also! And the staff that answeres your complaints gives you the same answere we do not condone such behavior. And same players back doing the same crap.

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:( lllll