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Posted on 10/31/13 12:08:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

IGG.. ( texas holdem poker deluxe ) is absolutely a satanic site ...where people fight each others.. hate each others .. hurt each others ..... hacking ..scamming..stealing people accounts ..stealing people money and information and pictures and all of their privacy ...IGG ----> where women and men step on their dignity and selling them selves ...and i am very sure they aren't low class people ..but when you fall or dipping your self in a sewer you will absolutely get dirty no matter where you come from or who you are ...and i am more than sure 999% this site is involved in this tragedy and this drama ..for a simple fact when you try to complain they all got the same answer : we found no abnormal in the game and another answer: we will check it out  and you have to wait forever to get the answer and it will be : sorry we couldnt find any problem with your issue we advice you to .....and you know the rest ....and other thing that make all of us thinking ..those people are known to everyone and they been on this satanic site for so long and they still there doing what they been doing and no one stop them ...there are many things prove that this site is involved with it ...and also they have set a low success rate for each player and its between 9% to 20 % .. means you only win 1 hand out of 10 15 hands ..and sometimes this hand could be a single pair that too risky to win a big pot with it ...some people ask how come some players wins big all the time ..i will answer this : those people are the ones i was talking about above ...and another thing that prove this site is a satanic site and masanic site ,,,ive tried played behind a fake proxy and as you know there s 3 type of proxy .. 1-site dont know you are using a fake proxy 2- site  knows you using a proxy 3- site konws you using a proxy and can track you.... now ive used all these 3 types of proxies and absulutely i have won up to 20 billions in few weeks ...and i have witness on that ... but you must use a diff proxy and also must have a high speed internet becuzse this will take most of your speed ...those programs or proxies such as hide my ass ..works real good with satanic site ...good luck you guys

Posted on 10/31/13 3:00:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Edited by FirstLady2013 at 11-1-2013 11:55 AM

Dear Bila(40420866),

Please be advised that while I totally disagree with your opinion, which you are certainly entitled to, reading it leaves me with the following:

First:  You obviously have issues with the assistance or lack thereof which you have received from this site, for which I personally can't really comment on never having been the person assisting you, at least not to my current recollection.  However, you should know that the hacking and or invasion of privacy perpetrated against this site and it's consumers is based from the Facebook platform a fact which we consistently share with our patrons, although your comments in affect elude to something quite different in that regard.  As for those who are abusive to others in any regard, solicit chips and/or use pornographic materials, as we are informed of the activities and the abusive individuals are identified and activities are verified they are appropriately dealt with.  However at no time does IGG or any of their representatives solicit, promote or condone such activities, nor should you or would any reasonable individual deem that this site should be responsible for the improper actions of others, and again your comments imply exactly the opposite.

Second: You claim that this is a "satanic site" where a number of unsavory events take place and that this is not a result of the normal character of the people involved but simply the influences inflicted by the IGG environment. But you basically conclude by divulging the fact that you feel the need to use a program that scrambles your IP Address, which is not something that your average moral and Godly individual would even consider or know about for that matter.  This is the type of program and information which is common among and useful to some of the unsavory individuals you mentioned above, such as the chip sellers and/or hackers. While I find that freudian slip interesting, I would deem it unfair of me to assume that you are involved in such activities, without of course further verification of that fact, again based on your allegation my actions would be in direct contradiction of yours.

However in conclusion, I simply want to ask, given your analysis of and obvious lack of confidence in this site, why have you continued to patronize it?


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Posted on 11/26/17 10:59:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Love your response. Intelligently apt and full of good points which I'm sure will not receive satisfactory feedback from poster. And the satanic thing lol my god too absurd to garner much reply which u rightly did not. I mean u would think the guy might maybe frequent a less satanic site lol which I think was the intent of your ending query. I mean he opened comment with satanic site complaint, why bother with site functionality complains and playernd conduct seems redundant. Once you say a site is on the devils side why say more? Lol l haven't had any problems with your site or any of the same issues plaguing this dude. Keep up the good work and love your site.

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