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[Discussion] New Security Feature Now in Beta!

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Lately, many hackers on Facebook have created fake websites and apps that resemble the official Poker Deluxe web pages. To help our players recognize the real PD from the fakes, our team created a security code system for added protection. Now you can use a unique security code to verify the authenticity of websites and apps.

When you next enter the game, create a combination of up to 5 numbers or letters for your unique security code. If you log in to the real Poker Deluxe, your code will only appear in-game. If a website or app does not show your security code or shows an incorrect code, it might be a fake. Please take note that the security code can’t be changed once entered and confirmed.

Please exercise extra caution if you enter the game and see an incorrect security code or no code at all. Your account might have been compromised. Change your account password and email us immediately to ensure your account’s safety.

The fight against hackers is a joint battle of both the player and the PD team. Always exercise vigilance and good sense when you see a suspicious prize or bonus given away for free. If you’re unsure, do NOT click the link. If it’s too good to be true, then they probably are. Never reveal your account information to others. Let's work together to avoid falling into the malicious traps of hackers.

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     I have not played poker on this site for months so when I saw the new version of it I liked the new format and the new security code setting which brings me to my reason for the reply since I can find no other way to find an answer to my problem. It appears that someone has hacked into my old account and has been taking my money and xp points from the old game. Now what I would like to know is how to delete or get rid of the old game or in the least be able to get rid of the hacker. I have changed password etc, but this does not work. Someone please help me with this problem, thank you.

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Hi (81469488),

First when soliciting assistance you should create a new thread in the help zone, but in response to your question you should first I would suggest that you review your Facebook account very carefully and delete new buddies the hackers may have added to have a backup link into your accounts.  I would also contact Facebook directly to request their assistance in re-establishing the security of your account, I would then contact the 24hr online support as well by using the link beneath the game.  In the end you may have to deactivate the old accounts and restart anew, but this will be determined by your correspondence between the two sites.  Good luck!


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