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[Discussion] OPEN EVENTS:

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Posted on 1/15/14 9:04:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Following is a list of the Open Events currently being hosted in various forums, which are non-game specific events offering Favors, Reputations, Karma or Badges.  If you are currently hosting or know of such an event please post forum & event names, brief summary of requirements, link and if know the duration of this event so that everyone can access this information to share with the consumers of their forums, I will update list as needed:

Administration Zone - Karma Laugh Off - Chance to win Favors, Reputation, Karma & Troll Badge - Post your funnies Jokes *Until Further Notice* Troll Badge is 1st on 4th row (Green, White & Yellow)

Administration Zone - Various Count & Win Points  offers Favors, Reputation, Points,Karma and a Choice of Manual Medal. *Until Further Notice*

GodsWar Online - PEDAL TO THE MEDAL II - King for a Day - offers Favors, Reputation Points & Karma * Until Further Notice*

Wings of Destiny - Count to 2000 [New] offers Favors, Reputation Points, Karma & Badges *Until Further Notice*

THPD - "Off Topic's" Section contains most of the games here and periodically host the Karma Laugh Off so it is to your advance to explore the forums, you never know what you will find.

* If you discover an event which is not listed here, please feel free to post beneath and I will update accordingly so that everyone has the information.


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what do you do when igg wants to screw you over for $ 100