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Posted on 1/29/16 1:27:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

oi oi oi :) 
before i flake out lol i would like to say a really huge thanks to all the peeps that played this awsome game with /against me past months or whatever it is now lol :)

i read above message and yeah hahaha poker curse lol i couldnt get off this flippin thing ahhahaha ..hooked but its been an awsome past time and helped me with alot in rl if i'm honest :) mind on cards and that :) ..... i'm glad i lasted till the gutting end to try win you guys but nope .. every time ya kick my butt haha :) 
with good and bad and all inbetween ive really enjoyed myself and i hope most of you all have also :)
i tried my upmost best  at the end to take ya chips ahhahaha . i didnt have a chance and was a slow down hill spiral to the end hahahaha ..... good players out there that wont take my noobness card playing lol :)
ya feckers hehehehe ... 
win sum ya loose all ..in my case ... loose hahah 
RESPECT  alot off nice ppl here and made friends with alot so thankyou and a pleasure  :)
i'll shut now and get in my pit ... thankyou yet again for putting up me hehe

martin .... p.s ................................ till next time :) x

martin hulme
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martin hulme
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