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Posted on 6/4/13 12:37:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Finally the highly anticipated film, "World War Z", starring Brad Pitt is scheduled to be released on June 21st!


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I missed seeing "Hansel & Gretal", but it's coming out on Blu-Ray and looking forward to picking up a copy of it. It's definitely a twist even on The Brothers Grimm's olde fairytale...  :lol  

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The highest priced ever movie tickets priced at $50.00 each are currently being sold for "World War Z". Before falling out in shock :o, that price includes reservations to see the premiere when it plays where you live in I-Max 3-D, your own pair of 3-D glasses, a movie poster, a copy of the DVD as soon as it is released and a free, small popcorn at the movie. Personally if it's a really good movie, I think that's a deal! :) Although getting a large popcorn instead of a small one would be even better...:D  

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Sadly James Gandolfini the film and television actor most known for his portrayal of Tony Soprano in the HBO hit series, "The Sopranos" passed away today, June 19, 2013, at only aged 51. He will be sadly missed... :(

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Much to the disappointment of many "World War Z" has proven to be an epic fail... Although it was epic in it's cast, thousands of extras and cinematography, it failed in the Zombie genre. Unless of course one actually likes a sanitized movie about Zombies...:dizzy: So your best bet for watching the best Zombie action going is still AMC's "The Walking Dead" and you don't have to stand in long lines, pay an outrageous price for movie tickets and you can actually bring your own snacks if eating while heads explode and lots of gore doesn't bother you. :lol

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The movie that currently has all the buzz is "The Lone Ranger". Actor Armie Hammer plays the leading role as "The Lone Ranger", but Johnny Depp's portrayal of "Tonto", the "Lone Ranger's" sidekick, has much to do with it's success and in more ways than one. This film has been sitting shelved for years and it was finally made also due to Mr. Depp's determination to get it produced. Mr. Depp is part Native American which is why he not only played "Tonto", but pushed the film to the big screen. "The Lone Ranger" will be opening in the theatres July 3rd. After his portrayal of "Tonto", I might finally actually be able to get past his gross misscasting in the role of and poor performance as "John Dillinger" in Public Enemy!!! :curse:  It was even hard to overlook his terrible portrayal of "Barnabas Collins" in "Dark Shadows" who was originally played by Jonathan Frid on the day time, soap opera by the same name but at least that was a fictional character to begin with and the script, movie and the rest of the cast were even worse...;P I will give him credit for always having been a risk taker in many of his film roles, but Johnny actually trying to portray John Dillinger was nothing short of suicide! :o Nobody will ever want to see a soft looking, John Dillinger and especially without his rugged, trademark cleft in his chin! But hey if they ever decide to remake "Bonnie & Clyde", you'd definitely make a believable "Clyde Barrow"...:P

Posted on 7/10/13 3:30:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

In spite of all of it's hype and promotion, "The Lone Ranger" has proven to not only be Box Office Poison, but a huge financial disaster for Disney Films. Most critics site the blame on Johnny Depp's over the top and overly eccentric portrayal as "Tonto" and on director, Gore Verbinski, who directed the incredibly popular and lucrative "Pirates of the Caribbean" films. Once again, this only goes to prove that formulaic films and characters are definitely not "one fits all films"...

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A bigger, more buff Hugh Jackman hits the theatres in "The Wolverine" on July 26th! Love Wolverine, love Hugh Jackman as "Wolverine" so let's just hope the writers do his character portrayal justice in another solo jaunt. If not, they just wrapped shooting another, full ensemble X-Men movie that will be released next year which will be sure to please! Kudos goes out to Halle Barry who played her brilliant and phenomenally cast role as "Storm" with her baby bump and all in her tight, leather outfit.

Posted on 8/1/13 2:57:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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"The Wolverine" starring Hugh Jackman has definitely delivered on all of the above accounts! It is currently still ruling the Box Office Ratings after it's release on July 26th. :victory: This is great news for movie goers as so many films that were heavily promoted this summer and have been highly anticipated by so many viewers have flopped.

This summer's films have been so bad that they have actually changed not only the time limits on film promotions by extending them so that there will be far greater diversity than what is currently being offered as movies of similar types will not be competing head to head like they have been. Even more importantly the studios who had already began limiting most of the big budget producers have now even limited the very few that were left still standing such as Jerry Bruckheimer due to massive studio losses in revenues such as Walt Disney's. The good thing is that hopefully we will start seeing much less formulaic, big budget films and more original concepts by many, far lesser known producers providing the much needed change and diversity in films that are going to finally get the chances to be made and released. We will also have a far greater diversity in film types and genres to see instead of too much of the same subjects and types all being released at the same time which not only benefits the studios, but the viewers as well!

Posted on 8/6/13 6:17:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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The movie, "2 Guns" starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg opened taking the Box Office by storm. It's storyline is based on 2 police officers who were done wrong and unite together for revenge. I was immediately intrigued by the film's advertising and trailers. I was delighted by the reviews and will definitely go to see this one. It sounds like a mixture of Denzel Washington's performance in "Man On Fire" and Mark Wahlberg's portrayal as "Max Payne". The critics have given much of the credit to Denzel's performance which comes as no surprise. Denzel Washington is definitely still one of the top actors, if not the top actor in Hollywood. My two favorite films of Mr. Washington's are decades apart with his much earlier portrayal of Reuban "Hurricane" Carter in the biopic film, "The Hurricane" and  "The Book of Eli" that was released a few years ago. I can honestly say that I have never seen Denzel in one single movie that wasn't great, although I do prefer him in roles where he is the good guy as opposed to the antagonist. :P