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[Off-Topic] What do u look at - chips or .......

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Posted on 5/22/13 9:36:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

When u are at a very high stake table after the river cards and you are going All-In to bet billions chips to win or loose but right across the table there is a major eye pleasing sight to focus on.

Pay attention to the table going ONs for your best possible outcome of your bet at hand or attaction/distraction?

Guys will be thinking hmmmmmm, Gals will most likely be thinking hmmmmmm too, as I have not specify what the eye pleasing sight is... leaving it to your imagination..... :lol;P:$:loveliness::shutup::kiss::handshake

I will give my answer by the end of my day.:time:

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My answer - focus on both, 1 eye on the chips/table, 1 eye on the major eye pleasing sight.

No answer is absolute, your answer is just as good as any.

Hey, if you have an answer, you win 2. Everyone wins, no loser...

Best of luck to everyone and best of poker betting, hope no disappointment with my answer.