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[Help Center] Guide to changing forum avatar

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After seeing all the avatar threads and trying to help ive done a bit more digging. Mostly because my wife miss Calliope got a new phone (galaxy note 3) running android 4.3. After researching further and trying to remember how we changed our avatars once upon a time. It dawned on us the key was adobe flash player. These are the detailed instructions on how to first install adobe flash player. Then a web browsing app that allows adobe to run. (Dolphin Browser) If you know another you can substitute. With directions then following to actually change your avatar. This may work for web/PC accounts if logging in on a device through Dolphin or other bowser that allow adobe. If anyone tests web/PC please join in on the thread as well. This is for android devices. Similar instructions may work for IOS if you have specific knowledge of IOS add to the thread and ill edit and include! Hope this helps. Thank you to all who test and leave feedback. Screenshots follow to assist. Good luck!

Installing adobe and dolphin browser (a browser we are sure works with adobe with 4.0+ android OS)

1st... visit this site http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-pla ... layer-versions.html . download under android archive.

2nd... Then go to your device settings under Security and check your box for allow install from unknown sources. This allows the app to install from adobe because its not a \"google store\" app. Then install the adobe.

3rd... Download dolphin browser from google store its a free app.

4th... Open dolphin browser and click on dolphin bubble in bottom left corner. Then click on settings bubble. Once in settings choose web content. Then on flash player choose always on.

If you have finished the adobe and dolphin browser installation you are ready to change your avatar via igg forum.  So dolphin browser can be used,  please be sure to clear the default settings for any current browser you have set. If anyone tries this please leave feedback with device and OS so we can help anyone having problems. If for nothing else just know it was a success and may use you as a source for answers if anyone should have problems arise. This has worked for us on a rooted galaxy note 2 running 4.1.1, rooted galaxy s3 running liquid smooth rom, stock galaxy note 10.1 running 4.2, and stock galaxy note 3 running 4.3. Cheers

Heres how to change avatar in IGG forum via your devices game account.  

1st.. log into forum through the game stay in mobile mode and select little profile guy in top right.

2nd.. choose profile (it may say error, just choose profile again it\'ll go)

3rd.. once at profile page choose settings in top right header

4th.. then choose change avatar in left tabs

5th.. click on blue button with what I percieve to be Chinese writing and chose a photo from your gallery

6th.. crop photo to your liking and hit blue button on right with more of same writing as before.

In last 2 steps be patient it can take a minute for device to upload photo to webpage and then to save. Good luck hope this helps. Here are some photos to assist as well.

☆★☆your new avatar should be working☆★☆

source: Guide to changing forum avatar

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Please reference link on bottom of thread and leave feedback in original thread. Thank you. Hope it helps!

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