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[Help Center] Visible location

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Posted on 7/17/16 6:26:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear admin,

I noticed u made some changes on system, actually last week u did a lot, but nothing good, next thing boder me much, mean my location visible again from phone players. Last time you sucsesfully solved that problem and now showed again. Please do smthng i dont feel safe when someone know where im. There is still lot problems but next time, i dont know why u changing some thing when works good.

In hope for fast solution.
Best regards!

Posted on 7/17/16 11:04:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please be advised that feedback of this nature should be submitted via a ticket to Customer Service. This way your complaint is routed directly to the relevant team for review.


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Posted on 8/1/16 6:52:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello again,

I dont know did i put my claim on right treads, just see nothing happend, mean location still visible, and really as u know cant be safe here from diff kind of idiotts, just to lose nervs....also hows possible some players have LAN location is it means not visible for u at all and can tagg us when ever they can, just not same rule for all, not even pc or phone players, not fair....and lately too much time players kicked from game without reason also not good at all, in midlle of big hand, none will back that chips..pls proceed this notes to programmers to do smthng.

Best regards!

Posted on 8/19/16 9:52:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

why is my pic on poker deluxe all time loading even my poker buddies pics are loading and when i go on a table i can see my own profile pic but not see my poker buddies pics and when i play poker deluxe on my phone i can see my own profile pic and even my poker buddies pics i have change all the settings on my laptop even change the settings on my facebook account and still my profile pic on poker deluxe is still loading and even friends pics are still loading could you please sort this out as i been with poker deluxe for many years now TY