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[Help Center] You been hacked

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Posted on 9/18/16 10:01:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear admin,

I cant to be quiet and not tell, that igg been hacked took so many chips from you...It's so obvius that enorm quantity of chips spining at tables, but it's yr problem not preventing that option. But big problems of other players, and what this game makes not reasonable anymore, it's so unjustice postion in game, u took real money from people and they don't have any chance against selfcalled billioners who became that over night. Game lost any sense cause of foolish bets. And all begun when u started to make changes, who became contraproductive, many platforms for this game on different devices brought many problems, not solved yet, like upload pics and visibility of them, losing names of accounts and not protect players by hiding their location, what i informed before and u didnt do nothing. Writtin' all this i dont have any complains toward u Firstlady, just hope u will forwards this informations and observations to programmers of this game, and make this site regular and pleasent place for fun as used to be. From this point of view i just see soon collapse of all. Best wishes in your future work.

Best regards,

Posted on 9/19/16 3:36:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Of course I will forward to the relevant staff for review.


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