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[Help Center] Locked accounts with hackers chips

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Posted on 9/29/16 5:24:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear admin,

[justify]I noticed u started to lock account with hackers chips, and so pleased you started to do it, to back this game in normal, but also another problem pop up doing that you can't be sure which one are hackers chips and which one are regular chips from dicent people. You have to find way to make that selection, such is unfair to regular players. In that case wish you to check this ID:297363052. my friend account and i claim for sure his chips are regulars and asking from you to do on regular and honest way, bring his chips back. It's one way you can check accounts by confirmation of several people that someone account is with clear chips (would be one of solutions). You on good way to close all hacked accounts but plenty of them are still there. Do we ordinary players need to check for you taking screen shoots? Look all big tables first its so easy ....In hope you will consider all possibilities to protect innocent people, or only you doing when your benefits in danger, expecting your positive answer.[/justify]

Sincerly long time player,

Posted on 9/29/16 10:28:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It is my understanding that before locking an account IGG does audit the activity of the account for a period of time.  In order for them to determine that the chips were part of the hacker grouping, they would have noted the account in question not having bought or won chips in significant amounts to account for the current balance or having received or participated in chip transfers in game.  However if you are certain that this action was incorrect you can certainly file your complaint with the service center who I am sure will reaudit the account.
Service Center


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Posted on 9/29/16 11:12:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear admin,

Thank you for fast replay, really appreciate, fair enough, we will try to prove that chips earned on regular way, unless in forbdiden activity count helping friends...then why we pop up suggesstion in left corner when we low with chips, says ask buddie help :).

Best regrads!