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[Help Center] The worst part is they don’t even get

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Posted on 2/14/17 6:50:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

They were thinking it’s fake until they touched  Vegalash  you my story, I have used so many different brands of mascara but they all ended up making my eyelashes look hard when the time comes to removing it. The worst part is they don’t even get removed with just any make up remover so you know one needs to buy expensive makeup remover wipes. Like you have said above, you have been using mascara from a very long time then you must have noticed one thing while removing makeup that how your lashes sometimes just come out. You will realize it later how doing this in near future will weaken your lashes. Talking about using fake eyelashes, do you know the adhesive or sticky gel used in sticking the lashes, can affect the skin near your eyes?Do all of them away and choose this serum. With this, at least you can be assured that it won’t damage your eyelashes growth process rather it is created to support your weak and less voluminous eyelashes to make it growLike I have told you before, this serum is very easy to use. It only takes as much time as you used to give to applying mascara. Since the composition goes into the making of this serum is properly natural, it might take some time but, at least you can be sure that results will be very long lasting. Although, it is being written on the website that one will start to see the difference in their eyelashes growth within 15 days if one uses it as per suggested on the label. http://israelbigmarket.com/vegalash-review/

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