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[Help Center] Am I an 8second Player???

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Posted on 5/2/17 2:19:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all

Was playing round two of tournament whengame kicked me out even though was actively playing not letting timer rundown (irrellavant as game just started).

Logged back in got message we saved this n that etc went to tournament page clicked round two thinking ok changed since last i played (sure it used to put you back at table auto) but nevermind thought still round two.

After a second or so spotted I was in two seats and some people where different and then different again.  This hampered me playing and thus game kicked me out saying round over when i literally had 975chips left and still in play.

How is this possible and why where some people changing at table???

here is links to screenshots with autogenerated file name with date time