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Posted on 7/3/17 5:37:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It is incumbent on IGG to provide a fair gaming experience to their customers.  In this regard they fail miserably.  In the few 20/40 tables that are played there is nearly always tags controlling the game.  IGG completely fails to police this and their policy on reporting is inadequate.  If you report someone for tagging and cheating it takes a day to get a response and then 1 to 3 days for them to look at it.  By then the tags have done their damage, transferred chips, and moved on.  The account gets banned but by the time IGG gets to it the ill gotten chips are long gone as they have been transferred or sold to others for a profit.  This is why they tag.  To raise chips to sell for profit.  

IGG fails to provide a fair gaming experience particularly to those that pay for chips.  If they want customers to purchase chips, which I am sure is their goal, then they must provide a fair playing environment which they do not even come close to doing.  

For so few of the highest 20/40 tables they could easily assign 1 employee as a table monitor who can stop these cheaters dead in their tracks when they begin tagging.  They tag the get a warning immediately and if they do it again their account gets lock on the spot.  I have reported players and watch them operate for days before anything is done.  

IGG is failing miserable to ensure fairness and they need to be more responsive to the reports of tagging and act swiftly to take action.  My advice to anyone is NOT to purchase chips until they do a much better job in taking the #1 cheating method out of play.

Posted on 7/3/17 10:37:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

ChiefAl, Please be advised that live moderators at the tables is something that was suggested years ago, however this is not something that is feasible, nor an industry standard.  Further the presence of a live moderator at each table, not only drives the price for chips up, but tagging will not always be caught for a number of reasons.

For one taggers are smart enough to use different devices / dns networks so they can not be easily identified by their IP addresses.  One would have to observe the game play for a period to notice if it is possible that 2 parties are in collusion.  Even then it is purely speculation.

Also it is too easy to change the nicknames, so even if you can effectively identify a team, chances are when you see them again the names have changed.  So it is a lot harder to control than you realize.

Finally, while I have heard and seen indication that the tagging is driven by IGG, I know that this is not true.  Primarily because members don't know who I am at the tables and in playing over the years I have obtained information as to who some of the biggest taggers are, and they are NOT IGG employees.


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Posted on 7/13/17 2:36:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

"I did not suggest a monitor at all tables...just the 20/40 9 person table of which right now there is 1. Only 1."
I'm confused as to why your complaint is only addressing one level table? When anything that can be accomplished at that level can be accomplished at the others. Why would any one table require anymore attention than all the others? 
" And if you think you cannot easily identify tagging then you are fooling yourself. They min raise over and over then fold to each other, transfer chips. The only person that would not be able to identify a tagger is maybe Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles"
What I said was "One would have to observe the game play for a period to notice if it is possible that 2 parties are in collusion.  Even then it is purely speculation."
Now perhaps you feel that you are so advanced that you would effectively spot this activity without having to observe the actual gameplay, but it seems a bit unrealistic to me. 
"Your answer basically indicates complacency toward protecting paying customers. I have been a member a long long time and this ain't a tough nut to crack
My response basically indicates a realistic view and response to the inquiry you made, devoid of personal objectives, frustration or anger, while on the other hand yours seems to be driven by all of the aforementioned. 
"IGG needs to just police the 20/40 9 man table and one person could do multiple tables. Or better yet...be responsive to tagging complaints in a timely manner. It takes a week most times to get an answer. Bottom line is if IGG cannot control the cheating then why on earth would anyone buy from a company the condones through complacency cheating?"
Again you specify a specific table which is very confusing, if you are demanding some form of improvement, why would this improvement not encompass the entire site as opposed to be isolated to one table?  Further, I have taken the time to list a couple of reasons why IGG has not, and more than likely will not implement live moderators at any of the tables. 
It would be nice if IGG would be a trend setter and lead the internet poker industry into a more controlled environment where cheating is not possible.  However every step made in that direction receives just as many complaints (if not more) as those for tagging and bingo players.  However the inability to implement the changes that you feel need to be made is in no way condoning the activity.  
"Think about it....because you sure didn't think about the paying customer when you typed that response. Because if I were to read your effortless response I sure would not be giving you any business. Which I won't in future until they fix this DAILY occurrence."
Honestly, I don't think you thought much about your response either, but the difference is that I have not allowed my frustration at your directing that misplace anger at me to allow myself to sink to a depth that will allow me to unjustly insult you.  While your complaints are valid in that they do exists, your attempt at providing viable solutions fail horribly.  Further your inability to disassociate yourself from your frustration over the situations is preventing you from hearing or effectively evaluating the responses.  

Let's approach this in a different manner;  
*What poker site have you patronized that has a live moderator at any table?
*Which site have eliminated tagging?
*Which site response to your complaints immediately?
*What moderator in any of their forums would entertain your rant while unjustly insulting them and still take the time to even respond?

Tell me that site because like you I have been a patron of this site for a long time, but I would switch in a heartbeat if the above site exists.  Finally you should know that this forum is intended for member networking, and is maintained by (1) volunteer mod....me.  If you want responses from IGG then you have to go directly to IGG and that is where your frustrations should be directed.  Insulting and or trying to demean another individual because of your own frustration affects no change, and resolves no issue, but speaks volumes in terms of the person you are.


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