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[Help Center] hacked

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been hacked. exp system not progressing. stuck at same exp point lvl 4 straight sit n go's and play money stuck at 74 million for same 4 games. if u want report on the hacker his screen name was swaggz ,there might have been numbers at end of his name and his profile pic was of a white male with fully sleeved tattooed arms(both) blond hair? plz let me know if prob can be fixed? don't wanna lose nearly 4 yrs of progress. love your site anyway, not gonna let a few bad apples ruin my opinion of your fine staff and of the site itself. thx for your time

god always has 5 aces in his hand, so fold
Posted on 11/26/17 4:38:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

NeoPokerGenius, In order to properly identify unsavory individuals IGG would need the IGG ID of the party involved.  This can be obtained by clicking on the avatar of the party in question.  Further to verify any allegations made against a member they would also solicit addiitional information, such as the room number, level of play, time and date of the event.  I realize this is a lot of information and one does not normally think to collect when seeing something inappropriate, however IGG does require proof to validate any allegations made against any player before applying the appropriate sanctions.   Finally there is a link on the main page to the Service Center at the top of the lobby page, where such reports should be made.


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