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[Help Center] Logging in

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Posted on 9/2/18 2:56:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

before yesterday i could log in using my Iphone or my Ipad  yesterday  i kept getting a message that says LOGIN ERROR:There was an error logging you into this application please try again later and this was on my IPHONE  today i am still getting same massage but this time it's on both my IPHONE and IPAD  if i can't log in please tell me how the hell am i supposed  to play the game ?
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Posted on 9/2/18 3:14:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

1st please don't create thread titles containing all or excessive (unnecessary) "CAPS" as they are not allowed.  Next the issue can be caused by a number of issues, however as you can see you are the only one who has reported this issue here.

There are (2) options I can offer to assist:
http://service.sns.us.igg.com/?gid=10110  - Service Center
Help.poker@igg.com  - email.


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