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[Help Center] unable to sign in DAILY...!!!!!

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Make sure that your flash player is functioning properly.


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Posted on 6/16/20 4:48:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

to who'm it may concern i can't at all get the flash player at all any kind of way to get more chips and for other thing and i've been plying this game for years please someone help me get my chips i'm being cheated out of thank you very much.

Posted on 7/2/20 12:09:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i cant do my daily log in sence july 1st

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everything is going on of my account someone name kelera84 has hacked into my account and is stealing my chips and everything else

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I too have not been able to sign in daily for the last 2 months, flash player is up to date, cache is cleared on a regular basis, so can i have some help please /

Hi,,i have been using  this site for some years now, and for the past 2 months have not been able to sign in daily...now it is asking me to sign in with facebook etc,,as im already signed into facebook, i fail to see why....i have checked that  my cache is cleared , my flash player is up to date, so a cant understand where things are going wrong,,i have spent a fair bit of cash on this site, wish to continue, but nothing i do helps,,,can you help please
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Some people do not know that in December 2020 Flash Player will disappear forever.
(and this game runs on flash.... so....um.. has IGG given an option? - oh the phone games they will probably still work..)

Some Browsers like Chrome do not support (ie do not use/ run) Flash.

Some you have to go into the browser settings and set flash to work..  or work at each and every website.
Sometimes you have to set it every time you restart your computer - it depends on the browser.

I suggest you Google what you need to do for flash to work for your particular browser.

I use Firefox and I was able to log in. (but I have set my browser to run flash)
And, I still have to click an ok that says i trust the site and its ok to run flash.

in Firefox you click the 3 horizontal bar icon top right > add-ons > plugins > Shockwave Flash > click the 3 dots to the right > ask to activate

And it took me a while to find it in Opera... its also buried... settings> privacy and security> site settings (arrow)> Flash (arrow)....

so any help should have asked what browser you use and is it up to date?
and if you have also updated the latest flash version (each browser uses its own version of flash, so be sure to update while in/using the browser you want to use for poker)
flash version check page; https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/about/  click player download center to get the update.

but then they (the help) would have to come back and re-read the site and then google info online which you could probably do anyway.

I noticed that there is a warning that you can only have 1 account...
I bet that they check by IP so that means if a husband and wife want to play from the same house... it will not work (unless you use different proxys - maybe?)

Stealing  accounts seems not uncommon for this game so they may track computer id as well.

so any could affect not being able to sign in...

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ALL U GOTTA DO TO SIGN IN   [ http://poker.browsergame.com/event/signin ]

ok buddy ...

Posted on 12/3/20 7:00:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I play on windows and use Firefox, Chrome doesn't work at all to play. Have to activate Flash daily on Firefox. I can only get the daily sign in bonus on my Android devises but don't like to play on them. I've never bought any chips and if they don't make this game playable on a PC by January I guess I'll be done playing and let those almost 600 million chips sit there.