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[News] Spooky Story to Relay

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Posted on 10/24/11 3:30:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Humm, not any one is interested in the event? [s:721]

Posted on 10/24/11 3:30:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

With Halloween coming up, many people start thinking about spooky stuff like ghosts, haunted houses and candy from trick or treating.

Another part of Halloween is the spooky stories that everyone will tell to each other, and here on the forum, there is no difference.
Now let's again build our attractive story.

How will it work

1 Each one must write between 5 and 15 words for the story in each post.
2 Double posts will be deleted without warning.
3 Entries must not contain any content that violates our forum rules. If there are any violations, the offending entry will be disqualified.
4 IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of all event rules and rewards.

Event Duration

Oct 25th 10:00:00PM(EDT) to Oct 27th 10:00:00PM (EDT)

Event Prizes

1. We will choose 20 posters from all the posts, and those who are chosen will be awarded with 20,000 chips. The more replies you post, the more chances there will be to win the prize.

2. Posters of the first post and the last post before the event ends will get the event prize get 20,000 chips as well.

Let the party begin.

On the evening of Halloween, ...