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[News] Wanted: Royal Moderators!

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well good [s:734]

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scott lee
korean/speak english
spend about 7 hours a day playing poker online
self employed i have an escort agency
i love the game of poker and if i can find ways to help online poker

id love to help.
im online prettty much all day and nite posting ads and playing poker

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Okay, so we have decided, our mods are:

Janelle Churchward
Malcolm Taylor

Congratulations and welcome to our team.

Thanks everyone who applied, we appreciate your interest in becoming part of the team and your will to help us.

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Texas Hold'em Poker Deluxe is in need of new Royal moderators! All you have to do is answer a simple questionnaire and post them here as a reply, and we will pick out 5 outstanding candidates to begin a 2 week internship. Based on your performance, you will be promoted to fully fledged forum moderators at the end of the 2 weeks. Pay will be on a weekly basis.

Period: October 22nd 17:00 – October 25th 23:00 (GMT-5)

—You must be a regular Poker Deluxe player and understand the game well.
—You must be registered on the Poker Deluxe forums and be a fan on the fanpage.
—You must be able to post relevant materials, interesting facts, poker strategies, and so forth on the forums. The forums are to become an online poker encyclopedia (named the Royal Hold’em Museum). The new topic (Hol'em Archive) will only contain information and will not be open for posting. As royal moderators, you will be in charge of maintaining the topics.
—You must be able to interact frequently with other players on the fanpage.
—Potential applicants must answer all questions on the questionnaire and send them  to the address stated below.
—The 5 chosen applicants will have to go through a 2 week internship.
—After the internship, IGG will decide based on your performance whether or not to make you a full time Royal Moderator.
—Both interns and full time Royal Moderators will be paid on a weekly basis. (Interns will receive 1,500,000/week and full time moderators will receive 3,000,000/ week).
—All Royal Moderators will be hired on a 3 month contract. Any contract extensions will be based on performance.
—IGG reserves the rights to the final interpretation of this notice.

Recruitment Questionnaire:
Forum ID
Email Address
Nationality and language(s) spoken
How many hours do you spend on online gaming each day?
During which hours of the day are you most likely to be online?
Your current occupation (e.g. student, homemaker, unemployed, etc)
Give a brief introduction of yourself and why you want to work at IGG.

P.S. Greetings, Poker fans! We have received numerous applications for the post of Royal Moderator on our forums. As this is an English-speaking forum, we will only be considering applicants who can understand English this time round. Multilingual applicants will be given priority in the selection process, since we have plans to open topics in other languages. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!