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[News] Poker Deluxe Daily Fanpage Trivia! ($50,000 Chips giveaway)

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Posted on 12/1/12 6:50:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It’s trivia time! Simply Like or Share on this post and you will have a chance to be among the 100 lucky players who will walk away with a prize of $50,000 Chips! All prizes will be sent on the 3rd of December.

Event Duration:December 1st 0:01 am - December 2nd 23:59 pm EST (GMT-5)

Link: http://www.facebook.com/bzbeepoker?ref= ... =1&theater

Daily Trivia:
It is December, and Christmas is just round the corner! What presents do you most want to get this Christmas?

Tips: Make your purchase on the HD version for an extra 100% bonus!
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Play the HD version now: [url:rcr8dy25]http://poker.igg.com[/url:rcr8dy25]

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[url:rcr8dy25]http:// .igg.com[/url:rcr8dy25]

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[url:rcr8dy25]http:// .igg.com[/url:rcr8dy25]