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[News] New Security Notice!

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Posted on 7/17/13 2:36:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

NEW Security Notice

It has come to our attention that malicious links have been sent to players via the in-game chatbox or their Facebook mailbox. These links appear in official-looking messages with the promise of rewards and require players to “verify their account” by entering their username and password.

The links usually appear as follows:

https://apps.facebook.com/secure_acti***** FAKE

Players who entered their information found their accounts hacked a short while later.

This is a SCAM. By entering your username and password, you are giving the scammers and hackers access to your account. Do NOT click on such links. If you are unsure if a link came from the official Poker Deluxe website, please don't click on it. And never, under any circumstances, reveal your username, password, or other relevant account information to anyone or any website. Poker Deluxe will never ask for the password to your Facebook or email accounts.

Should you witness such attempts at phishing or hacking, we urge you to report it to us immediately. We will offer rewards to all players who help us deal with these scammers!

Do NOT click on links of suspicious origin. If you receive a suspicious message, please report it. Together we can make sure that Poker Deluxe is a safe and fun environment for everybody!

Poker Deluxe Team