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[Hol'em Archive] Texas Hold'em Poker Deluxe FAQs.

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Q:  What is the forum for?
The forum is a place where members can come and network with each other and share gaming stratergy, offer suggestions to improve the overall gaming experience for the entire community and participate in random events.

Q:  Why can't I post in Forum?

This means that your account has been banned to post, you can go to your profile page to see the reason this action was taken and when your account should be release from the banned to post status.If on the date indicated on your account you still can not post please contact the forum moderator for assistance.

Q:  What should I report in forum?
You can report anything in forum, however you should note that moderators do not have the ability to access, alter or investigate your account, so payment and or unreceived merchandise should be submitted via the link on the payments page for the quickest and most efficient response.http://livechat.browsergame.com/livesupport2/livesupport.php?gid=10110Issues regarding features, changing passwords, hacking or in game violations should be reported directly to the service center.http://service.sns.us.browsergame.com/?gid=10110

Q: How do I change my Avatar?

Click the settings button located next to your name at the top of the forum page. Then click modify avatar, you should then see two boxes one blue and one yellow, after the picture uploads, size according to the box and click the box with the check mark, you should then see 3 sizes of your new avatar.  Click the blue box, note you may have to refresh your browser a few times for your picture to actually change.

Q:  How do I ask for Help?

You should create a new thread in the "Help Center" to ask your question, a moderator will respond as soon as possible.

Q: How do I add a signature?

A: Click on the settings button located next to your bname at the top of the forum page.  Then click personal info, here you will be able to either type or upload a image signature/banner.

Q:  What does follow mean?
A: Follow allows you to follow the threads and replies made by another forum member, to follow them simply click the follow under their avatar on any post.  To see what they have been up to, either click the listen button and scroll down to the person you want to follow or click on their avatar.  Once you are on their account profile, click the follow key and then topics to show their threads or replies to see the replies made to post.

Q:  What is Spamming?
A: For the purpose of these forums, spamming is defined as any post that does not comply with the intent of the original poster.  Meaning a thread created as a gaming thread that has the rules posted on the first post should only contain posts what conform to the outlined rules.  Event threads should only have valid entries and so on.  As well as post soliciting free items, containing all smileys and or gibberish, this includes comments such as "nice game" or I like this game in inappropriate places.

Q:  What is my IGG ID# and where is it located?
A:  Your IGG ID# is the number used to identify your account and award ingame / forum prizes and is located on the upper right hand side of the main game page and directly underneath the buddy bar on the left hand side.

Q:  Is Advertising Allowed?
A: Adertising, Soliciting, Spamming and or inappropriate behavior is expressly prohibited in forum.

Q:  What is the penalty for Advertising, Soliciting, Spamming and Inappropriate behavior?
A:  Spamming / Soliciting / Advertising and or Inappropriate behavior carries the same penalties.  First the moderator may opt to give a verbal warning prior to issuing any system warnings.  Your account will be warned, after (3) such warnings your account will automatically be sent to a banned to post status.  Usually first offense will render a (7) day ban depending upon the severity of the offense.  This period will increase with each new banning until such time as you are permanently banned from forum.

Q:  I have a suggestion to improve the game, where do I submit?
A:  In the General Discussions Tab, there is a thread posted for suggestions.

Q:  What are forum Moderators?

A:  Forum Moderators are patrons who play the game and have opted to assist in the elevation of the overall gaming experience for all, they are in essence the liasons between patrons and the Adminstrative team.

Q:  I have a complaint against a Moderator, what do I do?
A:  If you feel that a Moderator has abused their authority then you should report them directly to the service center or to a forum Administrator.  Generally you can click on the main page of the forum in question in the upper left hand side there should be a list of the members responsible for moderating that forum, one of which should be the administrator.

Q:  How do I become a Moderator?
A:  Periodically when openings become available the Administrative team will post threads for recruitment of new moderators, you need only apply to these threads with the requested information.

Q:  How do I improve my chances of being selected as a Moderator?
A:  By demonstrating proficient knowledge to the game in which you are applying and by being helpful to other forum members.


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Q:  Why are all the avatars blank in game?
A:  This is an indication that you have a bad connection, please try to reboot your system and reenter the game, if the problem persist you can contact the service center for additional suggestions to correct the problem.

Q:  Why is my Poker account locked?
A:  You should have received a email on the registered email account informing you of the actions taken against your account and instructions on what you should do, if not you should contact the service center to address the issue further.  Note:  Moderators do not have the ability to access, investigate or alter your personal accounts.

Q: How do I change my name ingame?

A:  Log into IGG.com and under Account Management add a nickname, this name should follow you in game without affecting your facebook profile information.

Q:  How do I know if my buddy is online?
A: You can click on their avatar and it will say online or offline.  If the person is not a buddy you can click on My Center, then friends, this will give you the option to view your online friends, members online or friends located near you.

Q: How do I add someone to my friend list?
A: You simply click on their avatar which will take you to their online profile, on the upper righthand side you will have an option to send a friend request.  They have the option to accept or reject your invitation.

Q: How do I change my chat / privacy setting?
A: Click on the cog located just above the slot machine on the right hand sidebar and click the appropriate feature you want to adjust.

Q: What are emotions / gifts?
A: Emotions are used to display in game while seated at the tables, while gifts are holiday, food and or novelty items used to adorn your avatar.  

Q: How do I get emotions / gifts
A: These items can be purchased with chips or gold coins from the gift shop located in the gift shop on the right hand side bar and have a period from 24hrs. to permanent.

Q: Can I send emotions / gifts to my friends?
A: Yes, as long as the buddy is seated at the table, you simply click on their avatar and a box should pop up with the option to send gift, please note that you must specify whether you are purchasing for that person, yourself or the entire table.

Q: Can I block others from sending me emotions / gifts?
A: No unfortunately, you can not block this process, however you can switch back to the prior item or any that you have in your inventory, either by clicking on the unwanted item and then the item you want to switch to and then save.  You can also click on my profile, items and this will bring up your inventory items.

Q: What are Gems?
A: Gems are a item which awards you a specified amount of extra chips for a 30 day period and can be purchase from the gift shop.  The amount awarded will depend upon which gem is purchased.

Q: How doI activate my gems?
A: Click on my profile, items then diamonds, then click the use button directly beneath the gem you want to activate.

Q: Why is my chat feature not working properly?
A:  The chat will only work for those seated at the current table and will not work in fullscreen mode.  If you need to adjust this feature, please click on the cog located above the slot machine icon on the right hand sidebar, if after adjusting your settings are still not working properly, please exit the game and clear your cookies and caches.  If still not working upon your return, please use the in game link to report directly to the service center.

Q:  What is the Honor Points that flash after each hand?
A: This is a feature associated with the "Honor Points" competition, to learn about the system you should click on the "Honor Points" tab in the Event Center.

Q:  Do I have to compete in the "Honor Points" competition?
A:  No you do not have to compete, however the addition and subtraction of points will flash after each hand and can not be turned off.

Q:  Can I set my account so that people can not send me gifts?
A:  No you can not turn off this feature, however you can change the gift back to the previous gift or a new one by clicking on the gift, then selecting the gift in your inventory that you want to change to or purchase a new one to replace it.  This can be repeated as often as you like.

Q:  How many buddies will my list hold?
A: You have the ability to add 100 buddies in game.

Q:  How do I delete buddies?
A: Click on the buddy tab, scroll down to the person you want to delete & click the delete button next to their name.

Q:  Can I invite my buddies to play with me?
A: Yes, click on the buddy tab located on the right hand sidebar and scroll to the your buddy, you will have the option to invite them to your current position or to join them at theirs.

Q:  How do I report Illegal or Inappropriate behavoirs in game?

A:  You can click on the link at the top of the lobby page ( in game ) and report directly to the service center.  First you should click on the offender's avatar, which will bring up their information ( IGG ID#), capture a screenshot of this and chat box ( if applicable ) and submit along with time zone, time, date, room Id# and any additional information pertinent to your complaint.

Q:  I have a suggestion for the game, where do I submit?
A:  You can submit in the suggestions thread here in forum.

Q:  I have a complaint about the game, where do I submit?
A:  If your complaint is accompanied by a suggestion to remedy the problem you can post in the suggestions thread here:
Or if not you can post in the "Help Center" here:


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Q: How do I purchase chips or gold coins?
A:  You should click on any of the links provided in game and follow instructions.

Q:  I was billed for merchandise I did not receive?
A:  First you should exit the game, clear your cookies and caches and then re-enter the game, if your merchandise still has not been deposited into your account please use the link on the purchase page to speak with the service center directly, be prepared to provide the following:
IGG ID#:, EmailAddress, PaymentEmail ( if different ), Payment Method, Transaction ID, Time of Purchase, Purchase Amount, Item being purchased.  Please note moderators can not access, investigate or alter your personal accounts.

Q:  I participated in a special promotion and did not receive my bonus reward?
A: You should read the promotion very carefully, bonus items are generallly sent on the date specified in the promotion, please wait until this time has passed, if you have not received your items, please contact customer support with the following information: IGG ID#:, EmailAddress, PaymentEmail ( if different ), Payment Method, Transaction ID, Time of Purchase, Purchase Amount, Item being purchased.  Please note moderators can not access, investigate or alter your personal accounts.

Q:  I participated in a third party promotion and did not receive my bonus chips?
A:  You will need to contact the third party entity directly with your questions, concerns and complaints.

Q:  Lost / Stolen / Missing Chips?
A: Most likely your account has been compromised, report immediately to the service center and be prepared to inform them of the last time you played on this account and your chips were there.  They will investigate and should they recover any of your chips they will be returned to you.


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