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[Hol'em Archive] Poker Strategies

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To help players earn more chips in Texas HoldEm Poker - Deluxe, we have posted some poker strategies here. All players are welcome to share their hard won experience and clever strategies with us.

Don't check too often

New players tend to check too often. Most of them will check when they get two straight cards, two cards of the same suit or even a single Ace. They will even go "All in" when they have a small pair. Participating in more rounds doesn't mean you will earn more.

Feel free to bluff? No!
Bluffing your rivals at the correct time is one kind of poker strategy. However, never bluff your rivals randomly. Some new players think that they haven't truly won unless they successfully bluff the other players. The goal in poker is to win, not to bluff.
Bluff: Bet a lot of chips, even when you may be not able to win.

Never folding to try and save chips you've bet? No!

Some new players may continue to play to try and save the Blind or other chips they've bet. No! No! No! Give up at once when you get two bad hole cards, unless you have a chance to combine a good hand. Most of the time, you won't get your chips back if you don't have good cards right off the bat.

Calm down!
Players may lose a lot, even when they start with a pair of "A". When this happens, players can lose their cool and start playing fast and loose to make up for the losses. Bluffing even when its not necessary, or continuing to play when holding bad hole cards are signs you may have lost your cool. New players can be especially susceptible to this, they may quit after they win a few chips or they may continue to play after a string of losses, hoping to make back what they lost.

Don’t call when you know you're going to lose
Some new players will call the bet, even though they will surely lose in the River round. Instead of this, we recommend players fold. Calling the bet will only cause more losses.

Your rivals' cards are important
After the community cards are dealt, most new players will focus on what hand they can create with their cards, without taking a second to concern themselves with what their opponents have. Remember to keep an eye on your opponents and their cards so you can plan how to beat them.

One of the most important thing for new players to learn is self-control. You should know when to continue and when to give up. You should never play any hand which will bring you trouble. You should know how to run your chips. And even more, you should know how to control your emotions. Never try to play poker when you are drunk, tired or in a bad mood.

Good fund management will lead to stable finances and a steady stream of money at the ready for a big hand. This also means that players should play games they can afford, and know what their goals are. Many poker experts go bankrupt because they play poker without limits. Even experts have bad days and streaks of bad luck. You should have enough funds on hand to get through tough times and back to riding high!

Details will increase the success rate of psychological battles. The more believable you act, the better your chances of successfully bluffing. By the way, your betting speed is important detail to watch.

Observe your opponents behavior
Pay attention to the way your opponents play so that you will know why they fold, call, or raise, then check them. Reasonable analyses will always help you defeat cunning opponents. Meanwhile, watch your own behavior, or you may end up getting called out by a clever opponent.

Change the way you play
Poker experts often change how they play depending on the circumstances of the game and who they are playing. If you are always stable and never bluff your rivals, why not throw in a bluff or two to mix things up? If you bluff more often than not, try playing it straight for awhile.

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great! it helps

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very helpful thanks

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:lol Thanks for your support.

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good one , thanks

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Also, the big thing in poker is to observe, observe, observe! See how your opponents are playing their hand. Identify those who are playing aggressively and conservatively. When it comes the time that you face off, you have a good read of a player's tendency.

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nice one

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strategies for Poker is Bluffing for win :):D

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